Friday, December 31, 2010

An insight about education from "Monty"

Many of his peers did not like Bernard Montgomery and there are plenty of good reasons. In my understanding of "Monty" from various sources; I do find that he can be a pain in the ass most of the time. Let just say that in my list of great personalities, he rank near the bottom of the list. Nevertheless, in the biography of "Monty" on Wikipedia, I came across his view on education which seems to be intriguing. Therefore, I had taken the related passage in which he talked about his idea on the meaning of education that I find interesting:

"In 1953, the Hamilton Board of Education in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, wrote to Montgomery and asked permission to name a new school in the city's east end after him. Viscount Montgomery Elementary was billed as "the most modern school in North America" and the largest single-storey school in Hamilton, when the sod was turned on 14 March 1951. The school officially opened on 18 April 1953, with Montgomery in attendance among almost 10,000 well-wishers. At the opening, he gave the motto "Gardez Bien" from his own family's coat of arm. Montgomery referred to the school as his "beloved school" and visited on five separate occasions, the last being in 1960. On his last visit, he said to "his" students:

Let's make Viscount Montgomery School the best in Hamilton, the best in Ontario, the best in Canada. I don't associate myself with anything that is not good. It is up to you to see that everything about this school is good. It is up to the students to not only be their best in school but in their behavior outside of Viscount. Education is not just something that will help you pass your exams and get you a job, it is to develop your brain to teach you to marshal facts and do things."

Yes, the Field Marshall advocated that education is to develop our brain and to teach us to marshal facts and do things. I just like to rewrite his idea so that there are two marshall although they spell slightly different and means different thing!

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