Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hammock in the backyard

This morning, I strung up a hammock I bought a few months ago; note that the little longan sapling was relocated so as not to be too near the wall in the rear.

This is the view when laying down on the hammock which looks fragile but was able to carry my weight of around 60 kilos. The setting up of this hammock is a culmination of one of my little dreams... and to think I spotted this hammock several months before inadvertently for only the value of US$1! Not all dreams are out of reach...

Laying on the hammock, it would be nice to listen to Joni Mitchell's evergreen song-Both Sides Now (which I had attached below) in which she sang about looking at clouds and reflecting on life when she was young and when she was older. One could often see different specie of birds flying in the air. The idea of reading a book while chilling out on a hammock is my idea of a haven-not heaven because haven is a place on earth while heaven is a metaphysical place most often thought to be somewhere up in the sky...

The blue sky above and the good earth below, my hammock suspended me in the air with a little help from the longan tree.

One should take time off regularly if possible so as to smell the roses and relax while pondering about strange aspects of existence. Many wise persons had observed that the journey is as important, if not more important than the destination. The journey of a thousand miles require many stops to rest and to determine whether one is going in the right direction...My exquisitely lovely (despite its niggardly cost) hammock will act as one of my pit-stops in life's journey. 

I will have to take this hammock down when no one is using it as I think it will not last from the wear and tear from the elements but I intent to take time off on Sundays to read books and listen to music ... Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now for sure as I observe the clouds while snugly laying upon my dream hammock...

I like Both Sides Now better as sung by Joni when she was younger.

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