Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Famed & Soulful Chinese Song (Sung Peah: Farewell)

I would like to share this wonderful Chinese song. This famous Chinese song has a romantic story and the lyrics was composed by a famed Chinese legendary multi talented artist. Anyway, the lyrics was set to an American song he heard while he was studying in Japan: Dreaming of Home and Mother. So this artist was the only son of a wealthy family in Tientsin and he was schooled in the classical way but later went to Japan to study art. He was the pioneer in bringing the Western way of art such as drawing nude models. He not only drew but also wrote musics and plays and excelled in calligraphy of which original copies were highly treasured by learned Chinese such as Luxhun. He married a Japanese but later became a monk during his 30s and became a venerated monk until his passing in his old age. This song which was his most famous song was inspired one day when one of his five best friends came to bid him goodbye. His friend was once from a wealthy family but was ruined due to the policies of Premier/General Yuan Shuakai who was then the del facto ruler of China. His friend came to the outer door of his home and cried out to him, telling him that he was ruined and will be going to seek out Yuan Shuakai to try and get redress for his destitution. After crying out his story to him, he bid his friend goodbye. Our hero was then getting out of the house amidst the snow as it was winter and stood immobile as his friend had left and he did not know how to comfort him... so he stood out in the courtyard like a stone statue reflecting upon the travails of human conditions. It was maybe an hour later standing out in the freezing cold that he was finally prevailed to come into the house and it was then he was inspired to write this soulful song as a memorial to the parting of his impoverished friend whom he had found so much enjoyment together with other liked minded friends. The original song is short but there are some versions that had additional lines not written by him. The first few times I heard this song on Chinese documentaries, I was hooked by its emotional power but was not able to find it on the Internet as i don't even know the title of the song but by and by, I chanced upon this song in Youtube and was able at last to heard it to my heart's content. A fast paced version was sung near the beginning of the acclaimed Chinese film: Let the Bullets Fly.