Saturday, December 25, 2010


    The Good Earth

   "Duel" of  the logan trees; see which will bear fruits first.

    Under the great longan tree; the sapling will burst forth.

    Bountiful harvest of large, ripe, succulent longans.

    Father enjoying a meal of  longans.

    Ye shall judge a tree by the fruits it bear.

Yesterday was Christmas day and I planted a little logan tree that I bought over a week before; I decided to wait until Christmas tree so that it will become my Christmas tree. The elderly lady that sold it from a van at the wet market pitched that a lady customer who bought the same specie came back to her after several months and gave her feedback that it was already flowering! Yes, its a grafted longan tree that is supposed to flower and bear fruits quickly, even when the plant is still rather small. My brother-in-law, Jeff also told me during a visit about two weeks ago that his neighbor also planted a grafted longan tree that is already bearing fruits even while the tree is still rather small; that inspired me to pick up the longan tree from the vendor.

In the meantime, father had to make do with Thailand longan which is almost the same as the longans from Putian.Father enjoyed the longans as they are not only very sweet and juicy but also invoke the days of his youth in China when he would climb a longan tree and make a lunch of the ripe fruits. I read on a website that longan is supposed to be the King of fruit in China. Hopefully, the little longan tree will prove itself worthy of my expectation and go forth and multiply, bearing large and succulent fruits!

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