Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An astonishing military genius and his little known story

The lumbering yet versatile excavator working at the market.

This morning, I went to the market and saw an excavator at work; it was interesting to see how nimble the huge vehicle became under the control of the expert driver. Years before, I had witnessed at first hand how such excavators were used to tear down The Grand Theater. I imagine such lumbering vehicles armed with guns creating havoc in town such as tanks did during wars; it reminded me of a story I read on the internet a few days before about an extraordinary British officer by the name of Percy Hobart who was instrumental in the development of tank warfare during WWII despite huge oppositions against him within the British Army.

Percy Hobart not only helped to forge a lackluster corp he was send to (Middle East) into a terrific sword for General Wavell to crush the numerically superior Italy Army in North Africa but he later became an inventor and developer of many special-purpose tanks known as "funnies" that was crucial during operation Overlord, or the Normandy landing. His story was surprising as it was strange to see such a genius being ostracize by his own "comrades"; fortunately, his deplorable situation was rectified when a newspaper article written by his mentor was able to catch the attention of the Prime Minister-Churchill who then plucked him from obscurity and made use of his genius to help fight Germany whose mastery of the uses of tanks in war was in large part indebted to his theories on the use of tanks in warfare. The story by Trevor J. Constable entitled:They Called Him 'Hobo' (The little known story of Percy Hobart) at The Institute for Historical Review

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