Monday, December 27, 2010

Caitlyn won the "Consistent Effort" in her school!

I am very pleased to announced that Caitlyn was presented with the "Consistent Effort" award for her Year 4 class during the Speech Day on 8 Dec, which celebrated the end of the academic year. She walked up to the stage to receive her award, which included a book; and my goodness! How did the teachers know the topic she is currently crazy about! The outstanding student award in her co-ed class was won by a Vietnamese girl. An Indonesian Chinese girl won another award.

The following is a testimony to Caitlyn's prayer and the surprising result as related by her dad:
"Caitlyn received an unusual answer to her prayers for a dog. She has been imploring us to get her one as a Christmas present. A month ago, a colleague of Yoke Wan, who's single, told YW she'll be going to Spore for a 5-week holiday and need to arrange for someone to care for her dog, a Jack Russell. YW readily volunteered.
Caitlyn was thrilled but was disappointed that she'll only have it for 5 weeks. She's now getting more precise with her prayer for a "permanent" dog of her own.The dog, "Monty", arrived over a week ago and Caitlyn has been having fun with it!)

This reminded me of a story as to the way we should pose question or seek request:
A man from out of town saw an elderly guy sitting down and reading a newspaper; besides him was a dog. The man tries to be friendly with the dog but decided to question the elderly guy beforehand. 
Man :           "Does your dog bite?"
Elderly man: "Nope."
So the man pat the head of the dog and was rewarded with a bite at his hand.
Man :           "Ouch! I thought you said your dog wouldn't bite!"
Elderly man: "This wasn't my dog."

Congratulations again to Caitlyn for winning the "Consistent Effort".
Pssst... Caitlyn, maybe the book of Dogs is part of the answer to your prayer in order to keep you company after "Monty" 5 weeks vacation with you. Perhaps mummy can let you can take it to bed and read it for a while until you get sleepy and then maybe you will have a sweet dream of playing with a dog or dogs!


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