Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What kind of bird was it? The answers...

Remember the little birdie with "coats of many colors" that was caught inside a jar recently? Sue Anne had posed the question to me: "Btw, did u find out what that colourful bird is?" I told her I had not bother to check. But today, I saw a news article in The Star (3th May 2011) with photo of some birds; one colorful bird in particular caught my attention. It was the same type of bird our maid had caught inside Jia Yin's room and it was indeed a kingfisher as I had guessed. After some research on the Internet, I realized that there are probably a few subspecies with different names: Black back kingfisher, Borneo dwarf kingfisher, Oriental dwarf kingfisher and the one caught by our maid was known as Rufous back of Peninsular Malaysia.

Its indeed wonderful to know that such exquisitely beautiful birds exist in this world. I wonder what Leonardo da Vinci will think or say if presented with this specie of bird? Its like a white color bird had flew across a rainbow and its body was impressed with vivid colors to different parts of its body. Another theory was that a little child had actually painted a bird and then released it to the sky!

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