Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flowers in full bloom in the garden

The flowers in the garden are in full bloom.

Dad sitting out on the swing during the evening.

More photos of dad; this was taken over a month ago on Qing Ming day on 27th March 2011.

I bought him a packet of wantan noodle from a stall in Raub; the noodles were supposed to be made in the old way. The noodle are flour mixed only with many eggs and no water is added at all. Learned of this stall at Raub from a well known Malaysian Mandarin TV food show. The business of this noodle stall was good and we had to wait for a long time before being served and it was more expensive but its taste was just so-so; nothing special.

Father said he likes the swing which is very good for him to sit on to take in some fresh air.

Besides him is a pot of longan tree; grown from seed taken from his home village in Fujian, China.

Finally, today (4th May 2011) - there was a stretch of rainbow in the evening. Rain is supposed to follow the appearance of a rainbow but no rain fall this evening. Heavy rains did fall later in the night right this moment as I was finalizing this blog at 10:00PM; the photo was taken at around 6:30PM. Anyway, this photo is a good excuse for me to "burst into song"- featuring the classic song: Somewhere over the rainbow. This is something like a Hindi movie of a blog or perhaps a musical blog - The Sound of Nanyang Narratives!

Finally, I would like to say hi! to my dearest niece-Caitlyn who is learning a great deal of new things each and every day! I am sending a special greeting to you via a nice friendly puppy with a waggery tail! Caitlyn, you can take this doggie into your home (daddy's computer!) if you pat it with the mouse/cursor and then download (save) it. Wow! Wow! But please ask for daddy or mummy's permission first, okie-dokie?

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