Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let There be Light !

I chanced to see a news segment about the ingenious use of solar energy to light up the dim interiors of shacks in Philippines yesterday and was intrigued; luckily, the internet is just the place to find out more about this extraordinary idea. It seems that a social activist by the name of Illac Diaz use this invention (it was said to be a brainchild of a South American engineer who came up with this idea sometime ago when an electricity blackout triggered him to experiment with alternative illumination for his darken building) to give free lighting to masses of Filipinos. By doing so, he also helped to recycle discarded bottles into a most useful items that truly benefit poor people. This solar bottle light bulb can be easily made: you just need to fill it with distilled water and add two cap full of bleach to prevent growth of algae and its better to top the bottle with a plastic film container (such film containers might not be so easily obtainable now that the camera using film is almost extinct with the arrival of the digital camera) or other some other suitable containers as the bottle cap will not last under the hot sun and rain. The water filled bottle will then act simply as a prism to diffuse the light of the sun so this miracle solar bottle light bulb will not work at night! But its great to illuminate the small businesses as well as the dwellings and the bathrooms and toilets without incurring electricity bills; it is also great for places that do not have electricity connection.

Social activist-Illac Diaz in the center demonstrating the power of the solar bottle light.

This is how it looks on the roof. Each solar bottle light can last for about two years.

This amazingly ingenious invention is truly helping to make a huge difference to the lives of millions. I salute the inventor as well as the activists who help to bring this most affordable technology into thousands of humble dwellings.This is a form of social revolution that might help to generate more progress as people who are in awe over the creative possibilities of the minds will be inspired to come up with other powerful, useful and affordable inventions that can raise the quality of life especially for the poor.

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