Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Visiting Fairy Tale: The Toad Prince!

I had an interesting experience one morning as I was about to drive Jia Yin to school at around 7:00AM. I was just slipping my foot into the slipper when my left feet encountered something! Yuck! I see what it was and discovered that it was a frog; later I saw that it was in fact a toad! I took some pictures and at first wanted to throw it away somewhere but quickly decided that it was less of a shock and more humane to put it under the shade of the longan tree and let it stay there as long as it wants. In the evening as I drove back, I forgot about the toad in the sandal until Meng Lan and Jia Yin came back at around 6 something. I then remember about the toad and recounted the incident to Meng Lan. I then went to check to see if the toad is still inside the slipper. To my surprise, I saw that it was still staying snugly in the slipper. I decided to make it more comfortable and pour water into the slipper and the toad stay still all the while. I took more pictures and told Jia Yin that maybe we should keep it as a pet, who knows, this might just be the proverbial Toad prince! However, the next morning, the Toad prince was gone; it appeared that the Toad prince was something of a vagabond. If the toad had stay, a good name for it would be simply be Prince.

What more could a simple toad ask for? A place far from earthquake, tsunami, failed nuclear reactors, political upheavals, etc. Just a nice, shady quiet neighborhood; with some insects and no snakes, please!

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