Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Fauna to Flora

From the Galapagos (Sue Anne's observation), let us now go to Kew Garden and see some plants instead of animals.

There is a public park with a large pond several kilometers away where the it is stocked with fishes and turtles. There are also birds and I had even seen hornbills but I am not sure if they roost within this park.

I saw this seed right at the rear of the shop. There was a tree at a nearby primary school attended by Sis, Eking and Eswee that produced such seeds from pods that shape like a boat. The tree had been cut down many years since.

Many years ago, I went to a medicine shop to buy a Chinese medicine known evocatively as Thousand pieces of paper for curing Jia Yin's chicken pox, I think; I was surprised to see that this type of seed was in fact the medicine. So we live and learn. If this seed had floated with the wind to this spot 50 years ago when it was still unpaved clearing, it might have taken root and grew up into a tree; but progress dictates that it would be cut down all the same for development.

A patch of garden growing profusely with sweet potato vegetable plants; its so lush because I used A1 Tok Sai (an ethnic joke) fertilizer (guano)! All I need now is a hungry Peter Rabbit to complete the rustic scene. Since this is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac calendar; I will bear such sacking by the said Peter Rabbit with indulgence although rabbit pie does sound rather nice!

Same case for these three potted plants. The left hand one is chili plant.

These Prosperity flowers (Fukui Fa) are still blooming; they were planted years ago by mom.

The fencing was replaced as we decided to destroy the hedge plants since they were playing hosts to termites which had again reared their ugly heads. Another round of insecticide were administered to counter this problem beside the destruction of the hedge plants.

Three longan trees for a group photo. The one in pot is same age as its giant sibling in the center; whereas the one at the rear is a grafted plant given by Jeff which can supposedly grow quickly and bear fruits by one year of age even when its still not very tall. Lets hope that it will do so as promised. I had dug out the previous grafted plant I planted and gave it to Eking.

A closer look at the longan tree bought at a nursery located in Tanjung Sepat by Jeff when he had a holiday there. I planted it during the Chinese New Year (Spring festival) back in February.

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