Friday, April 15, 2011

Music rules!

Apart from things like maths, drawings and possibly silent movies, music is perhaps the most universal of human expressions. The music and lyrics can help to express strong feelings about various topics especially those dealings with emotions. Music can be so powerful that they are in fact therapeutic and is a form of medicine in the realm of human psychology. Yet there are so many great songs that perhaps Western cultures never came across and vice versa in relation to other cultures. How about Indian songs and Mexican songs, etc? I like many mandarin songs and would like to introduce one song written and sung by a talented Taiwanese song writer and singer: Qi Qing. He wrote many popular and interesting songs and one of the song was sung by a couple of migrant workers in China during the night in a makeshift jamming session but their renditions were good as it expressed their deeply felt angst from years of chasing the Chinese dream in modern day China. Perhaps the Chinese government should set up many such facilities to allow migrant workers to take off some of the pressures in what is now a high pressure cooker (often times crony) capitalist society. I am including the version sung by Qi Qing for comparison:

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