Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blasts from the past!

I was going through my personal things kept in boxes yesterday and was surprised to see a letter from Sue Anne that was left unopened since 1996 (25-9-96) which was 15 years ago! We often heard of letters that took ages to finally arrive and this is just one example although it was not the fault of the post office.

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I also found a letter written on pages torn from school exercise book directed to Eswee who was then studying in UK. I have no idea how this letter came back to me or perhaps I had simply made a copy? Anyway, this letter was dated 26-7-1982 and crossed over into the 27th as I only finished writing it by 12:39AM. The letter was 3 and a half page long but I decided to show this section as it contained a snapshot of Sue Anne then ...

Click on photo to see a larger image.

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