Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 Year of the Rabbit

This is the year of the Rabbit according to Chinese horoscope. This advertisement by Bank Rakyat is one of the most creative ad that I had came across.

To make use of numerals of this year so cleverly as to depict a rabbit at the same time; this called for a highly imaginative mind.... truly outstanding; bet this ad will win the top prize for the rabbit theme year contest.

I had a stroke of inspiration this year when I decided to use styrofoam to make rabbit theme decoration for this Chinese New Year. Many find this cartoon rabbit carrying an angpow and carrots cute. It was modelled via the March rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Its eye is a blue and white marble for a more lively look.
Notice this rabbit is in the act of ascending a stair which signify upward mobility or improvement.

I also made more stylized versions of rabbits both big and small.

Two of them are more elaborate version that I hang out under the balcony.
This two rabbits are rather playful as they would swing and sway when the wind blows, their carrots dangling.

During the day, Eswee called to wish father happy new year and had a chat with him.

Soon the dinner table was set with the CNY eve reunion dinner...

Then we sat down to have our dinner...

An old Chinese saying goes that to eat is as important as the heaven...
Father had a call from his nephew-Tze Chow to wish him happy new year.
Later in the night, we light up a sky lantern also known as Kongming den...
But the wind was rather powerful and we had second thoughts about launching the inflated lantern...
So caution won the day and we decided to fly it another night at a more conducive area.

The next day was Chinese New Year proper and we had a more or less traditional lunch consisting of Soh Mien or otherwise known as longevity noddle, a speciality of Henghua clan of China.

This is my plate of Soh Mie; notice how it was serve with fork, spoon and plate as against the traditional chopsticks and bowl. This was a case of fusion in which East meet West...

The day ends with a call from another nephew of father-Guo Thor who called from Japan. Father had gone to bed and took the call from his bed via a cordless phone. Goodnight!

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